Time To Float

After a recent spate of child disappearances your team of investigators are sent to the remote town of Derry (Maine) in a bid to uncover the truth. 
Your investigation will lead you to a number of locations within the town and you may need to interact with various townsfolk you meet along the way...no matter how unsavory some may be! 
The journey to reach Derry will be long and your team will be exhausted after your travels. 
Do not despair!  
Luckily one of our elderly residents has volunteered to put you up for the night. She has a wealth of information regarding the history of Derry and has lived there all her life...in fact her father used to work in the circus many years ago.



- 90 Minute escape game experience.

Difficulty Level: Hard

- 2-7 players / 15+ Age Restriction 

- Multiple live actors, stairs, crawl spaces, elements of horror, immersive theatre, strobe lighting effects. occassional strong language, NOT SUITABLE for those suffering from epilepsy, anxiety, panic attacks, heart conditions etc. 

- As this experience is located in an old listed building with stairs and crawl spaces this is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchair users.