Dream House 2.0 - Annabelle Escape Room Belfast

A bereaved couple find a doll in the forest near their home and become convinced it contains the spirit of their recently deceased daughter. However when strange occurrences start happening throughout their home they soon suspect the doll harbours not the spirit of their little girl, but a dark, sinister entity with murderous intent.

Your team must enter the family home, locate the demonic doll and banish whatever evil is inside it within 75 minutes or become trapped in the Dream House forever! 

- 14+ age guidance for this game. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

- This is a 2-10 player experience and is 75 minutes duration rather than the standard 60. Difficulty Level = Medium.

- This escape room is not recommended for individuals suffering disorders of the nervous system (panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, etc). A live actor performance is included. 

- This experience includes religious symbols and imagery as well as an ouija board so if this makes you uncomfortable please do not book. 

(Unfortunately due to fact this an old listed building there is no wheelchair access).