Dream House

A young girl is found fast asleep in a forest not far from her house. Her parents try to wake her but to no avail. Doctors give her drugs but still she sleeps. Her strength is fading, she is slowly dying.

There have been rumours the forest harbours some dark force. An entity of some sort. While it keeps the little girl asleep it feasts on her soul. Once it has consumed it all the little girl will never wake up. 

Your team must enter the little girls dream and free her from whatever dark force is holding her there, by waking her up.

But be careful...the portal to the dream world will only remain open for 60 minutes. Fail to wake her up before the timer stops and you'll be trapped in her Dream House forever. 

14+ age guidance for this game and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult.

- This is a 2-10 player experience.

- This escape room is not recommended for individuals suffering disorders of the nervous system (panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, etc.) )

- Located 1 Bradbury Place above KFC.