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Your team have been recruited for an undercover mission. You will investigate the disappearance of a young backpacker named Kate who disappeared almost two months ago while travelling solo across the States.

Neither her or any of her belongings have ever been found.

Just when the trail seemed to be running cold, a fresh eye-witness report has surfaced, placing a girl matching the victim’s description staying at a secluded motel just off Route 66 around the time of the disappearance.

Posing as tourists you and your team will check in and stay the night, to investigate and search for clues regarding the disappearance.


On arrival the clerk seems friendly enough, welcoming you all, even suggesting possible attractions nearby for after your stay.

He picks up a room key before pausing briefly, as if debating with himself. Suddenly he grins widely, setting it back and picking another. He dangles a key to Room 13 - “Free upgrade – One night in here and we find our guests never wana leave”.

Whistling jollily along he walks you to Room 13. It’s separate from the main complex and the curtains are pulled close.

You’re all in for a treat y’know? Normally we keep this for our special guests, but hey what the hell”!

He grins widely once again before gesturing you in.

The last glimmers of light herald the arrival of night and he says goodbye before shutting the door.

Silence for a moment. Then the unmistakable click of a lock. Whistling grows fainter as the footsteps walk away.

You try the door but sure enough it’s locked. You pull the curtains back from the window to let in some light but…  the window is fake, painted on over a concrete wall.

A loud beep and suddenly, an ominous sixty-minute countdown begins.

Growing more desperate you and your team members reach for your phones to call back-up. Phone signal is dead. The backup team won’t arrive till tomorrow afternoon.

Your team must work together, scour the room for clues, solve the mystery of the missing girl or your fates and Alison’s will be forever intertwined.